Dholi Rana

Percussion Maestro

What do our drummers have to offer?

The Baraat (Groom's Procession):

The Baraat is one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding. It's the grand procession before the groom makes his entrance at the wedding venue. For an entrance to be grand, it must be loud, and the groom's friends & family must be filled with excitement and energy.  A popular and highly recommended option is to have multiple dholis lead the baraat. Drummers can coordinate with one another to provide an all around surround sound effect.Towards the end of the Baraat, live Dhol adds excitement to the Milni ceremony. For the Milni, we vary the beats for each pair that meets and also adjust according to what's happening. Towards the end of each union when the garlands are exchanged, the Dhol is played the loudest and fastest.

Live Singing:

Our percussionists arent solely drummers but overall entertainers. Our highly skilled drummers know how to interact with your family and friends. Live singing during a baraat reels individual family members to the center of the attention. Add boliyan (Traditional Folk Songs) to ensure no one is left out of the fun. 

Cocktail Hour:

The mixture of a light string instrument (Dilruba and Sitar) and the traditional tabla make for great background music as your guests arrive and mingle with one another. This classical mixture will create a mellow vibe far more enhanced than any playback recording could provide.

Grand Entrance:

It is my honor and pleasure to present to you for the first time as man and wife, Mr and Mrs......Make your first ever appearance as a couple unforgettable. The dhol is guaranteed to turn heads to ensure that no one misses your initial appearance. Your entrance can be a mixture of your favorite song and live dhol leading the way. 

The Reception

The most anticipated event of all the celebrations. At receptions, we can escort the newlyweds into the venue with lively & energetic beats to create the setting for the celebration to commence. Additionally, we can also open up the dance floor, and play along with any type of music during the dance. We  walk through and to every corner of the dance floor, making sure that the floor is rocking! Dholi Rana will also join and dance with the crowd as he plays!